Reviews & Client Testimonials

Kenny Young 5/30/13

Rebecca is a wonderful woman...I have known her for years and would highly recommend doing business with her...100% trustworthy... 


Glenda Garmon – Homebuyer 6/19/13

Rebecca is wonderful! She helped me to buy my first home last year. Thanks to Rebecca's knowledge and skillset the process of purchasing a home was quick and painless. She took care of everything! She had the house properly inspected and had the sellers fix what was wrong. All I had to do was show up and sign the papers. She also provided me with an excellent Mortgage and Title Company. There are not enough words I could say about how great Rebecca was to me and my family. I highly recommend her.



Bryden Baker 7/11/13

Rebecca is such a wonderful agent!! She works very hard and is always available to show houses, not to mention her warm personality. She is very knowledgeable and is quick to respond to any questions that I may have. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to buy!!! 


Shane Cox – Homebuyer 7/13/13

Rebecca was always available and helped us negotiate the deal that we felt really comfortable with. I will recommend her to anyone that is in the market to buy or sell. She was very professional and made us feel important. 


Keith N. - Rented Home 7/15/13

While we were looking for a home to rent and dealing with an IRS Tax Lien on our credit, Rebecca helped us to find a great home and negotiated the deal for us. We are glad to have found her.



Martha B. - Listing Client 7/15/13

I think there is no other person like Rebecca Wooten in real estate property business. I’m so grateful to her for her exceptional assistance in renting my house. She was extremely professional and competent, I would use her again in a heartbeat, and her local knowledge in real estate property is unbelievable. I would highly recommend working with her to sell/buy/rent property. Thanks 


Mike Parreno 7/20/13

Although, I found a home to rent on short time per day, I had enlisted Rebecca on my neighbor’s reference, Rebecca was immediately responsive, attentive and very professional. Since I found a new home to lease for this year, I am sure next year that I want to work with Rebecca to buy my first home. Thank you, Rebecca, and God bless. 


J. Rogers – Renter 7/20/13

Rebecca has been wonderful to work with. She is professional and thorough and has handled all requests in a timely manner. She is honest and up front and we would definitely do business with her in the future. I am grateful to work with her! 


Celeste Eastwood - Listing Client 7/25/13

I’m a single mom newly divorced and was tossing the idea around rather or not I should sell or refinance my home. Rebecca was honest and did what was best for me, not what was going to put money in her pocket. She looks out for others before she looks out for herself.



Tina Morgan - Listing Client 9/4/13

Rebecca was wonderful. She marketed our house well and stayed on top of the entire process - which went smoothly and quickly. Very pleasant and professional - highly recommend!


Roy Jackson - Listing Client 10/9/13

Rebecca renewed my belief in Real Estate agents. After attempting to sell our home two years ago, and selling another home in another market earlier this year, It was refreshing to work with such a knowledgeable professional. Rebecca excelled in all aspects of the transaction and got us more than we expected. Rebecca Rocks!


Brian Arebalo – Homebuyer 10/29/13

Truly an amazing first time home buying experience. Rebecca not only met my expectations but exceeded every one of them. From speedy email responses to knowing the local area - Rebecca nails it. Rebecca's use of technology allowed me to effortlessly enjoy home viewings from my office desk in San Jose. The entire experience was amazing and saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Thanks for a great experience Rebecca!


Mike Naydeck – Homebuyer 11/13/13

Great agent. Very helpful and extremely honest. Rebecca likes to work quickly and is very timely with her responses. Patience is a virtue and Rebecca possesses more than any other agent we spoke with. She is quite helpful and willing to share contacts that may be of help to someone new to an area. Thanks for the great home buying experience, Rebecca!




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